profile picFirst and foremost I am so happy that you’ve stopped by our blog! Watson Center for Wellness hopes you find our content helpful and encouraging.

So.  Let’s get started!

My name is Erin Watson, President of Watson Center for Wellness, and a licensed clinical social worker. For the last 16 years I have been working with children and adolescents in the areas of behavior management, behavior therapy, talk therapy, play therapy – you name it, I do it (or at least try).

This particular field of practice – working with children and adolescents has afforded me the ability to come to a deeper understanding of behavior and its functionality within our lives. Kids are really the coolest, plain and simple. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second I have spent with each and every one of them.  …and man, have they taught me A LOT!!!

My hope is that I can touch on topics, provide some helpful hints, and educate you about specific issues that are being experienced by our youth today. It’s a completely different world out there compared to when I fit within that demographic, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. Topics include but are certainly not limited to:  ADHD, Executive Functioning, Autism, Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Social Skills, Adjustment Challenges, Developmental Disabilities & Transition and Parenting Challenges.   

Here’s to a happy and healthy life!

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