Holidays, Stress

Christmas Chaos: Keeping it Simple

Did you know there's something called The Christmas Effect? A decline in our overall well being can actually take place during the holiday season, despite moments of elevated moods. One very basic but important tip to get through the havoc the holiday season brings is to keep things simple.  Other strategies and things to remember: 1.… Continue reading Christmas Chaos: Keeping it Simple


Getting Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

More and more research is showing a growing number of post-secondary students having significant challenges with symptoms of anxiety and depression, an unhealthy level of a need for constant validation, and higher rates of parental involvement. More and more college freshman, seniors, and even graduate students are having their parents intervene in matters of their grades,… Continue reading Getting Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

Behavior Modification, Incentive Systems, Positive Rewards

Pride not Prize: Moving Away from Material Based Incentive Systems

Behavior modification can be so tiresome. Ever heard someone say, "Today he'll work for something out of the prize box, but tomorrow may be a different story. Sometimes I feel like after he's earned his reward I start all over."? This scenario is one that occurs every where - and over and over. And over. If… Continue reading Pride not Prize: Moving Away from Material Based Incentive Systems

Change, Resilience


Having challenges within our lives is really just part of the human condition. Everyone faces some type of hurdle at some point. It just is the way it is. The crux of the matter is how we choose to proceed with the challenges. Our problems aren't the problem. Our responses and reactions to the problems are the problem.… Continue reading Resilience

ABLE Act, Disabilities

The ABLE Act

Introduced in 2006, the ABLE Act (Achieving a Better Life Experience) has finally been passed by Washington.  This will significantly improve the lives of those living with disabilities because they will no longer have to be trapped into a life of poverty.   This is a major victory! The National Disability Institute has put out… Continue reading The ABLE Act

Suicide Prevention

Suicide: Prevention & Intervention

As a private practicing clinician who's also worked in public education and have connected with many individuals, I have definitely experienced and worked with my fair share of those who have contemplated and/or attempted to take their own life.  Most can't wrap their minds around not seeing a way out.  Maybe it's because they haven't experienced… Continue reading Suicide: Prevention & Intervention

ADHD, Education, Parenting

ADHD: Is it or not?

Recently I read a statistic that nearly 11% of children in this nation have been diagnosed with ADHD.   That's almost 6.5 million kids!!  As a clinician, I have to think that this is huge!  Like something's-gone-awry huge because this is a dramatic increase in numbers.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that… Continue reading ADHD: Is it or not?



First and foremost I am so happy that you've stopped by our blog! Watson Center for Wellness hopes you find our content helpful and encouraging. So.  Let's get started! My name is Erin Watson, President of Watson Center for Wellness, and a licensed clinical social worker. For the last 16 years I have been working… Continue reading Welcome!