Privacy Policy

Watson Center for Wellness is committed to maintaining client confidentiality. Protection of the client and therapist’s relationship is guided by federal and state laws, as well as our professional association code of ethics. When you come in for your initial visit, we will go over our policies and your rights related to the use and disclosure of your information.

It is important to understand that there are a few exceptional instances when disclosure of information must take place without your consent. These exceptions are:

  • when there is suspected or reported child, dependent adult, or elder abuse. Illinois state law mandates the abuse be reported to the proper authorities, which include the Department of Children & Family Services and the Illinois Department on Aging.
  • when foreseeable imminent harm or the threat of serious bodily harm to another person or persons is shared. Disclosure will be made to the proper law enforcement authorities as well as the intended victim.
  • when a client threatens to harm himself/herself. Watson Center for Wellness will do all it can to make sure the client is cooperative and committed to ensuring his/her own safety. If cooperation does not happen, measures will be taken, without consent, as provided in the Illinois state law.