What We Do

Play Therapy has been proven to help children resolve social and emotional challenges as well as better problem solve when in conflict. Child centered play therapy, under the most favorable therapeutic conditions, helps children manage their challenges and work towards their own solutions. As a result of child-centered play therapy, children will be better able to integrate themselves socially, regulate their emotions better, and reach optimal growth and development. To learn more about play therapy, please visit the Association for Play Therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) assists individuals in identifying and changing patterns of unhelpful thinking styles that may be adversely impacting their ability to function within their lives. The goal of CBT is to increase self worth, re-frame perspectives, and to develop a deeper awareness so individuals can take control and maximize their potential for progress. Additionally, we infuse skill-based concepts adopted from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), a form of CBT, that focus on mindfulness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. Restoration of an overall sense of well-being is the ultimate goal. You can click here to learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and here to learn more about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy concepts.

Solution Focused Therapy helps individuals work towards a resolution of an issue by shifting focus from past experiences and their analysis to solutions that can be discovered in the here and now. Building on the strengths of the individual, developing an achievable plan, and identifying current and past successes will help assist the individual in obtaining the positive change desired. You can click here to learn more about Solution Focused Therapy.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation provides program and individual student-focused services for childcare providers and early childhood learning environments with an overarching focus on helping each program maintain and/or facilitate positive and healthy approaches that further promote a positive learning environment as well as the social-emotional development of children. We utilize a trauma-informed approach and build on existing strengths of the program/educators/staff.

Services include:

  • Conducting program observations
  • Problem-solving with educators/staff when negative behaviors disrupt the environment
  • Supportive evidenced-based interventions that lead to improved program/classroom management
  • Assist in helping educators/staff link families to appropriate area resources
  • Supportive evidenced-based interventions that lead to improved relationship development and social-emotional well-being
  • Conduct individual student observations
  • Problem-solving with families when negative behaviors disrupt the balance of the home environment
  • Supportive evidenced-based interventions that target specific behavioral challenges

Our Mental Health Consultant services DO NOT include diagnosing, treatment planning, or the use of therapeutic modalities/approaches.